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YC Creative, started its business in 1990 as a no-frills graphic design house offering general graphic design service from designing logos, name card, letterhead, catalogue, brochures, packaging, signage, illustration, etc.

In meeting clients’ request for design related services, it has diversified and progressed into doing event support items, neon designs, exhibition booth installation, media planning, web development, setting up ecommerce program, printing, colour separation etc., making it into a one stop multi-disciplinary communication design center that could offer a comprehensive range of services to undertake complete project from A to Z.

YC Creative has earned itself a reputation of trust and reliability amongst the creative community whom it work closely on a interdependent business relationship by sharing each other resources to provide customers with the best value solution by tapping on the communities’ respective areas of specialization and strength to optimize cost effectiveness based on comparative advantages among the members.

By optimizing the use of resources through specialization, YC Creative has developed a network of specialists who would provide the latest cutting edge communication-related technologies and cost effective solutions to keep itself competitive in meeting clients’ growing expectation in keeping pace with the fast changes of social media innovations and ecommerce developments.

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Yau Choy’s colourful journey is an inspiration to his staff and he always inculcates his team of professionals to adopt a culture of learning by constantly polishing up their skills, updating technical know-how, and developing a keen sense of awareness on the happenings around the world which in one way or another will impact marketing communication. To be relevant with the times, one needs to review and rethink communication strategies to go with the development flow in communicative technological advancements that impact social values and lifestyle trends, with the world is getting closer and moving faster forward.

Looking back with a humble sense of achievement, Yau Choy is glad that he had made the right decision to establish YC Creative. He takes pride in nurturing and transforming its humble beginning from a no-frills graphic design house in 1990 to become a fully established marketing communication solution provider today.

He takes pleasure in acknowledging that many of the customers of yesteryears have grown alongside with him throughout the journey, of which many today he would call them friends instead of customers.

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YC Creative Sdn Bhd
No. 161, Jalan Dato Senu 26,
Taman Sentul Jaya, Sentul,
51000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel. No. : +603-4043 1630 / 4050 1630
Fax No. : +603-4042 1630
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Biz Hours : 9.00am - 6.00pm (Mon - Fri)
Except public holidays, please call us for an appointment!

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