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about us the personYau Choy started his formal training in graphic design in the Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) Kuala Lumpur, a reputable art school during 70’s and till today the institute is still producing many top graphic designers for the industry.

Yau Choy’s natural aptitude and talent for art and design was recognized by having won several top awards in art competition during his time in the 70s. Passionately ambitious to pursue a career in graphic design, he worked his way up in the advertising industry from ground level to become an accomplished full fledge graphic designer within a very short time.

Being young and ambitious, he could not bear to see himself working as an employee mundanely studio-bound serving a limited variety of clients whose expectations were lacking fresh and exciting creative challenges. He felt working for others were restricting his ambition, creative space, time and most of all, the freedom to explore new challenges in finding himself by testing how far he can grow and go in graphic designing.

After much thought, he quit working for others and decided to become a freelanced graphic designer which would gave him unrestrictive space to breathe creativity, time flexibility and the opportunity to take up more challenging graphic design assignments offered to him by top international advertising agencies.

Working with these established advertising agencies provided him an organizational environment that gave him valuable organizational insights and in-depth industry experiences on how things are done in a more professional and systematic way – their methodology in developing design solution, operational procedures, work ethics, coordinated work scheduling, teamwork, interdepartmental interactions, brainstorming, organizational culture and other work related experiences that only the big agencies can offer.

Clocking into top advertising agencies during the wee morning hours of the day as a freelanced graphic designer was a way of life for him for several years. Top advertising agencies gave him the opportunity to work in a multi-disciplinary environment, where he had gained valuable industry insights and experience in developing creative solutions with a professional approach - thinking through new challenges from different perspectives, developing powerful concepts, meeting severe deadlines without any room for error in order to deliver high quality work with precision. It was the ultimate training and test of one’s skills and mental strength that requires a resilient mindset to overcome new challenges. Having the discipline and tenacity to work under constant pressure had laid a strong foundation for Yau Choy to evolve into a highly accomplished top-grade multi-disciplinary graphic designer who could interact well with the other departments as a team in creating highly creative advertisements, both visually and conceptually.

He soon earned himself a reputation amongst a closely-knitted creative community and his clients as a reliable top-grade multi-disciplinary “all rounder” who can strategically conceptualize clients’ requirements and translate them into effective graphic designs that meet their marketing communication objectives. He was well respected for his ability to innovate new ways to overcome challenges from a fresh perspective.

With more and more clients seeking his advice and services, Yau Choy was inspired to set up his own company, known as Yau Choy Design in 1990 to provide him an official business platform to serve more customers and take up bigger project commercially.

The company was later incorporated and renamed to YC Creative Sdn Bhd to give it a more modern outlook and professional touch in 2002.

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